Wednesday, February 15, 2012


How does one who is chronically single make Valentine's Day more fun?

I'm actually not sure, but I can tell you what made yesterday work for me.

  • Booked a hotel. In Venice. Where I'll holiday for a weekend in March. (!!!!!)
  • Made what could have been my biggest presentation in Industry. (And my voice only shook with nervousness a little!) While being projected on large screens globally from a local auditorium.
  • Started to plan Paris, elsewhere in Italy and UK travel. Again - so, SO excited about this. It's been far too long since I've flitted off to Europe.
  • Made a mental note to ask Jane where she teaches as I think I'll end up spending a day in the vicinity.
  • Changed into new, super-soft sleepy pants upon returning home. And a too-large shirt that doesn't match them. Because nobody was going to see them and I was just going to sleep. But I get to dream about professional goodness!

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rented life said...

oh your trips sound like so much fun!! I taught classes, came home and we made taco pizza and then I did work because I'm behind. Not much romance for a Valentine's Day.

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