Tuesday, January 17, 2012

T-3 hours to Age 33

  1. "Open this one!" Smallest One demanded as she handed me a bag stuffed with multi-colored tissue paper. "I picked it myself!"
  2. A hug filled with laughter from Adam when I shook my head at his request for help on a project. I'd replied that I could make him a list instead and received a cuddle for my irrelevant offer.
  3. "It uses a more standard cord for image transfer," I explained to Dad when he asked why I'd replaced a perfectly good camera with something new. "Plus, I had the money as a bonus for helping with an event."
  4. "I'm buying my own," I insisted when Adam noted that - if I were patient - he'd likely buy the team new monitors for our laptops. "I want it in place for my birthday!"
  5. "Aw," I said, smiling happily at my group around the table where we'd gathered for a birthday dinner. "You bought me tea and a pretty travel mug! Because tea helps me be more peaceful!"
  6. Falling asleep to a new SpongeBob DVD while Little One snuggles on the far side of my large bed. "OK?" I asked. "OK," she replied. "Love you," I murmured and she repeated the words with a small smile before we nuzzled into our respective pillows to rest.
  7. The remnants of snow angels made by nieces in multiple layers of snow gear.
  8. $1 salad bar at work - with baby spinach and peas and chicken and chickpeas and broccoli and cheese. How people can complain with such an option is beyond me.
  9. Homemade cake via Sibling. Store-bought cake (with extra flowers made of whipped icing for the girls) via Mom.
  10. Singing (x2) from my family. Happy birthday, Aunt Katie...
  11. Toasts (x4) from my colleagues.
  12. A faithful canine companion who's just as happy to take a walk with me at 5AM as our typical 6:45.
  13. My new fountain that perches on my new storage cubbies in my bedroom.
  14. Recalling Little and Smallest helping my dad build said cubbies. Applying glue to dowels. Pulling the trigger on the electric screwdriver. Pounding nails with careful strokes of a hammer.
  15. Newest's grin when he handed me the gift bag before dinner, admonishing me not to open it until after dinner.
  16. Best stumbling over words when he tried to tell a funny story after our waiter opened another bottle of wine.
  17. Sending email to a man and wishing hard for his reply. Even when he failed to deliver said email, it's a sweet reminder that there still could be someone who makes me breathless.
  18. A pretty new blue dress and matching necklace for work tomorrow - the fluttery hem outweighed the deep v-neck that I decided I could cover with a sweater.
  19. Finishing 1 task I've been avoiding.
  20. Arranging to skip one trip in February while my parents are staying in Florida.
  21. Snowflakes.
  22. Photos of flowers.
  23. Gas fireplaces.
  24. Charming little towns that can host happy birthday dinners and sexy first dates.
  25. Bounce fabric softener.
  26. Coke Zero - I've nearly completed the transition from Diet Pepsi!
  27. My pretty house that can easily handle family visits but seems to snuggle back around me when they depart.
  28. Flats that feel like slippers but are dressy enough for work.
  29. Cardigan sweaters - red and gray and pink and cream and brown and lilac and black.
  30. Forsaking Facebook
  31. Being an "expert" and having the respect of a large body of colleagues.
  32. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  33. "I like your car," one dinner companion noted as I climbed in and started it. "Thanks - me, too," I replied. And I realized I'm actually rather fond of my life as a whole.


AliceAcademic said...

Happy Birthday!

JaneB said...

Yes, happy birthday!

Psych Post Doc said...

Happy Birthday Katie!

lucy said...

Happy birthday, Katie!

Anonymous said...

This last sentence? Priceless. Happy birthday!

Seeking Solace said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

post-doc said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

You have a fucken fountain in your bedroom?

Jenn, PhD said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Suzy pepper said...

This is so late, i'm sorry, but happy birthday, Katie! I'm really glad to know you.

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