Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Communication Skills

I am hundreds of miles away from my family as they vacation in Florida. I've not heard from them since I decided not to go on Sunday and hope they're doing well. I still have guilt over not making the trip. But would have had guilt had I made the trip and left a struggling puppy here alone. (She's doing OK, actually, but it's been a rough few days.)

An unexpected benefit? Getting caught up at work while much of the leadership team is on vacation or traveling on business.


"Am I the dog or pony?" I asked Adam on Monday.

"Dog," he replied without looking up from his laptop but then peeked at me when I beamed at him.

"What?" Newest asked, face arranging into an expression of confusion.

"I was asking Adam who was going first in our little dog and pony show here," I explained. "And he said that I would."

"Oh," Newest said, glancing between us with a mildly bewildered glance before returning to his email while I grinned at my boss. I love when people understand my jokes.


"So then it's controlled by body movement!" our speaker explained, motioning to the model of the camera+computer system.

"Like the Gmail April Fools joke?" I asked Sibling in a whisper.

"Or Wii," she replied with a smile.

"Awesome," I decided. "I am the controller."


Katie (as a polar bear): Hello. I'd like to post this sign. Could you give me the magical thumbtack?

Meanie (as a weasel) : What's on the sign?

Katie: This is my sign. See how pretty?

+3 days

Meanie: This sign is not necessary.

Katie: I don't understand. Could you elaborate?

Meanie: People see too many signs.


Katie: I want to display this sign. Do you mind if I have our zookeeper hang it? She also has magical thumbtacks.

Adam: Did all the polar bears review it?

Katie: I showed it to you and the sloth/sleuth/herd. But only got a few responses. But I've revised it multiple times.

Adam: Hmmm...

Katie: It was supposed to be shown months ago. I worked on it. And Meanie said I couldn't have a magical thumbtack!

Adam: What? A weasel said you couldn't hang it?

Katie: Yes - Meanie said something like 'people see too many signs,' which makes no sense to me. If you don't like the sign, don't look at it. It's a small sign. And not at all offensive!

Adam: I can't believe a weasel said you couldn't show it. Sure - put it up.

Katie: Yay!


Meanie: Why did you hang that sign?

[No response as I can't think of anything kind or productive to say.]

Meanie: I told you I didn't think it was necessary.

Katie: Yes, I remember. I thought it was necessary and decided we were both too busy to argue over a sheet of paper that people could either read or ignore.

Meanie: You need to explain to me why you thought it was important.

I blinked at the computer screen, blinked in surprise and said aloud, "No. I do not." And now I'm working on the next sign (much like the first one) so I can hang another one.


Katie: I had 5 creatures compliment my sign!

Adam: I heard from close to 20, actually. They love it - said it was different and fun and a great idea! So good for you for pushing to finish it and getting it hung.

Katie: Meanie is a weasel. But the zookeeper likes me.

Adam: True. But I probably wouldn't have let you do it had I not wanted to prove that we didn't need weasel permission.

Katie: Huh. Funny how life works out.


I realized, upon reading this for errors (something I don't always do) that the sermon this Sunday was for Pentecost. And how the disciples shared the story of Christ in all the languages of the people so that there was wide understanding and worship.

Said message did not sink in as 1) I've not been only kind to anyone of late and 2) I've embraced my failures in understanding others because they've either amused me or enabled me to manipulate someone for personal gain.

Perhaps my bathroom ceiling is leaking as punishment.

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