Tuesday, May 31, 2011


  • It is hot.
  • I do not like hot.
  • It is hot even at 6AM when I take Chienne for a walk.
  • Chienne rolled in something dead on our walk. In the hot. That did not improve my mood.
  • Post bath for her and shower for me, I am feeling a bit cooler and happier.
  • Still. Summer is not my season.
  • I did have a nice weekend! No travel.
  • I mowed my lawn.
  • And ran errands.
  • And made my way through an impressive stack of papers that I'd read but not summarized.
  • My process is that I take notes on the back of the first page of an article as I read. Then I type up paragraphs that I put online for reference. It works pretty well.
  • Then when people read my summaries, they correct points I may have misstated or missed completely. Then we all learn something! (And I'm a little embarrassed but I've long since stopped pretending I'm infallible.)
  • My dad sold the giant van. He was very proud but I was sad. I'm always sad when we sell or trade cars - I don't think I've ever not cried. I'm not sure why I get so attached to objects.
  • Lilacs are starting to bloom here! I love lilacs. But people tend to have them in backyards where I can't (or shouldn't) go to breathe them in and admire their delicate blossoms.
  • Then again, lilacs do belong in backyards - over sandboxes or forming a hedge around a child's secret fort.
  • Mom planted a starter from Grandma's lilac bush (that used to shade my sandbox) under my window when we moved into my parents' house long ago. It's very healthy.
  • We've tried twice to coax a starter to grow for me. Failed miserably both times.
  • I also love peonies from Grandma's garden, even if they did attract ants.
  • I have a peony bush in my back yard - Dad usually mows it down, but Mom saved it this year on a visit and it's starting to bud! I'm very excited about this and keep squinting off my back deck at it.
  • I've missed you - and tried to write something - but, as evidenced above - I don't have a lot that's interesting to say.

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rented life said...

When I take walks around here I deliberately choose paths where I know I'll see teh prettiest gardens. One route includes a huge lilac bush that I always stop to smell. Mine suffered some from teh winter storm, so it's not doing as well as it used to.

I do not mind the hot yet, but in July I will. I do tire of explaining to the cats that while I'd love to take them out on their leashes we're not doing it during the hotest part of the day.

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