Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quiet Beauty

I glanced over at my kitchen table today and stopped to stare at the sunlight streaming through the sliding doors, glimmering in the glass vase that held a few cheerful daisies.

I felt a happy relief when Egypt and her people gained freedom. There is something stunning and powerful about the peaceful protests, the release of fear to demand certain rights. I so admire them. And so hope they find a way to balance change with stability.

My shoes made muffled sounds as I walked through the forest on the paved path. The thin layer of melting fluff muted the already quiet morning as the geese flew and honked overhead.

Sprout's whiskers catch the sunlight as he curls next to my pillow during a midday nap. I blink at him upon waking, reaching to smooth his fur before his green eyes turn to mine and he rumbles a purr.

I feel ever-so-slightly better at work. More settled and peaceful and hopeful that eventually I'll find my bliss once again.

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