Monday, July 26, 2010


I have recently acquired a Blackberry for work. I initially asked for a phone that was a phone, never anticipating that I would work constantly and travel enough to start craving email access while away from my desk. So, upon the expiration of my former contract, I clicked buttons and filled out forms and cooed over the device that was delivered to my desk one morning.

I've always rolled my eyes at those people who shuffle through hallways with heads down and eyes focused on screens, thumbs settled on trackballs. "Silly geese," I would think silently yet fondly. "Look around! Smile at people. Think your thoughts."

Yet, as soon as I had frowned at the device and pushed enough buttons for it to get email, that flashing red light makes me jump to attention. Email? I think with interest. Chats? Texts? For me?! And so I pounce.

Mid-conversation? Screw you - I'm looking at my new email. Halfway through a meeting? Totally grinning over some witty message I just sent my boss. I am technologically savvy. Tres 21st century.

Two problems -

I don't really know how to use it. So I'm trying to look all 'yes, I'm 5-10 years behind the times, but I'm really quite good at this game nonetheless' while I try to find the damn d key with my thumb. I type correctly! But my fingers won't fit on the tiny keyboard, forcing my poor brain to try to translate a skill. It's not going particularly well.

It does keep me focused on work even more than before. Even when I'm reading a book downstairs, I have one eye on the Blackberry on my belly. Waiting for that little red light to flash.


PhysioProf said...

Welcome to the dark side. If you wanna stay sane, you really need to establish Blackberry-free zones/times in your life. Like when PhysioWife and I go for walks or runs or out for meals, our Blackberries stay home.

post-doc said...

I don't understand. How do you know if the red light is flashing while you're on walks or having dinner? That makes no sense.

I'm offline while sleeping or showering and I hadn't thought to take it with me when I walk the dog. I'll start doing that tomorrow!

I'm sure my fascination will pass - I'm just obsessed right now.

computer science without a cause said...

We get so much email that letting it vibrate in my pocket would drive me crazy, I found that I was much calmer if I turned off email notification (except for the red light) and kept it in my pocket and only checked it when I wanted to, which turned out to be a lot, but then it was on my time table and it didn't interupt other tasks.

repressed librarian said...

I've never gotten over my obsession. I love my BlackBerry. And I can teach you how to assign different colored flashing lights to different people :-) Could be an excellent excuse for us to get together again!!!

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