Monday, April 05, 2010

Better than Best?

I call him Best for a reason.

From the beginning, he has struck me as the most steady, talented, competent person on the team. Little seems to faze him as his responses stay thoughtful and decisions remain sensible and smart. I've learned a great deal from him - have enjoyed traveling with him, giggled over his jokes, shared drinks after work and carefully considered his perspective on most issues.

I'll admit that my jaw dropped when it was announced that Best was seeking another role. I'd known he was less than thrilled with what we were doing, but was still taken aback that he was actively seeking a demotion when I'm working like crazy to force my career in the upward direction.

"If he wants it," PrettyHair said, her voice taking on a warning note as we discussed interview questions for said position today, "Best will have it." I looked at her and paused without replying. "He's obviously the best person for the job," she insisted, looking increasingly annoyed by my failure to agree.

"We haven't talked to the others," I said quietly before returning to my desk and carefully considering my questions. I want to assess dedication and skill sets. I'd like to understand future plans and past accomplishments.

I considered it as Chienne and I moved through the mist that floated in the morning air. My shoes made soft sounds as we walked along the pavement near the river, admiring the play of shadows and light and wondering if it was better to allow someone entry into this part of the world - to work in my group and do what we do - or to shuffle so that one beloved member has a better chance of being happy and satisfied.

Finished with my Big Event and at a bit of a lull since I've been working at such an insane pace, I reviewed resumes as I sipped peppermint tea this afternoon. I was caught up on email and finishing this round of the endless paperwork that awaits. I had planned travel - I'm out for most of May and determined to enjoy April at home. And I wondered, having been told I will probably move up after another year, what I'd like to leave behind for a job that has become my life for the past two years.

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