Sunday, November 15, 2009

Katie @ Work

I missed the fourth blogiversary of my dear Minor Revisions. It was Friday and I worked a long day and then came home too exhausted to post. Yesterday I read and rested, taking time only to do laundry and blankly read incoming email.

But! I have slowly accumulated Fabulous Prizes (!!!) to make up the Katie @ Work box which will be shipped to a randomly-selected commenter. (Disclaimer - if you didn't not win the Care Bear, you will automatically be entered into the Katie @ Work contest. Comment if you'd like to enter twice.)

Timing is everything!
While I pondered what I should be included, my first purchase was an adorable silver alarm clock. "I love clocks," I sighed to TinyFriend as we stood in Target. "They're so pretty and functional."

"I hate clocks," she replied, shuddering for effect while I frowned at her.

"Maybe that's why you're always late," I sniffed. "Clocks are our friends. They tell us when to be places." And so I hope that a lucky winner will have an adorable clock perched on his or her desk to remind him or her that Katie Is Disappointed when winners show up late.

Always Stay Hydrated
I get headaches. One thing that helps is frequently visiting the water cooler to fill a bottle with water, sipping often throughout the day as I talk in meetings and talk on the phone and talk to myself. I did, however, feel guilty that I was going through plastic water bottles shamefully quickly even when I dutifully walked them to the recycle bins in the cafeteria. Therefore, I asked the NWF to send me water bottles when I donated last time. You may have the gold one (because you're a winner!) and we can be water bottle buddies!

In addition, sometimes a warm beverage is necessary. You'll receive one of my favorite geeky mugs and some excellent mint tea. Breathe in the minty vapor... Sip the minty tea... Try not to yell at the irritating people...

Tools of the Trade
I have three (3) cups to hold pencils, pens, markers, scissors, etc. on my desk. I enjoy immediate access to anything I might need. So the Katie @ Work box contains...
- A pretty pencil cup
- A revealing pen (Post-doctoral institution)
- A revealing pencil (Local football team)
- DVD/CD holder
- Multi-colored post-its! I love sticky notes. I maintain my to-do list strictly in Excel so that I have records of when tasks showed up and can track their completion. But post-its remain awesome for scrawling tiny reminders or making a note to carry around stuck to your sweater.

Who's a pretty princess?
Given the meetings I'm sometimes required to join with little notice, I keep a drawer filled with items in case I need to start over. I can run to the restroom, wash my face, moisturize, reapply make-up and fix my hair within 10 minutes. So without being terribly girly (males welcome to comment and win!), I've included a few necessary items.
- Hand lotion because offices are often dry
- Relaxing lotion - eucalyptis and spearmint in case you need to calm down
- ProActive Repairing Lotion in case you find a blemish that needs immediate treatment
- Nail clippers. Broken nails, hangnails are overly distracting unless quickly remedied.
- Origins eye treatment. Puffy eyes strike many of us. I like the soothing nature of this goo.
- Lip gloss! I have an addiction to the minty gloss with red tint. If you're anti-tint, I can give you clear.
- Hair clip and 3 ponytail holders. My hair looks better down but I tend to end up with it back when I'm Focused and Thinking. (I also have to turn off any music in a car when I'm driving in traffic. I have no idea why.)
- Band-aids in case you are injured (perhaps by pretty but painful shoes)
- Aveda bag to neatly store your pretty items in the back of a drawer.

It's the extras the matter, yes?
1 tiny plush friend
1 business card so I can add you to the list of calls I ignore on my cell phone*
Several fruit snacks - I like the pomegranate fruit jerky
I may think of more - but I'm close to being done.

* Work is (for me) all about power. So how better to demonstrate that by giving you the power to expose me and perhaps get me fired?

Rules and Regulations
Comment until Friday. Katie to feel guilty that she doesn't have more prizes for everyone who comments immediately upon first comment. Winner notified by email and with a request for mailing address on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

=D wow! I love clocks too, but im afraid I enjoy taking them apart more. I got this tiny pink alarm clock for christmas last year and spent an enjoyable 3 nights disassembling it into tiny little pieces, screws, handles, shiney little thingys I have no idea what their purpose was. I eventually put it all back together, but this must have been beginners luck, as the second time I took it apart it refused to be made back up =( ah well, its ticking drove me mad anyway!
Good luck all! and Happy Blogiversary Katie!

Psycgirl said...

This box is AWESOME katie! Happy Blogoversary! I've loved reading your blog for all these years :)

Psych Post Doc said...

Love this post and can so relate to the Katie at work supplies!!

My favorite phrase is the "so I can add you to the list of calls I ignore on my cell phone"..I can so relate. :)

JaneB said...

Wow, another lovely selection of loot - I hope you've enjoyed putting these together, I've certainly enjoyed the insight into how Katie describes herself in 'things'!

Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

I love this collection of stuff! I, too, like clocks. It makes me happy to say that I did something at exactly 1:26pm. I have no idea why. :-) Happy Blogiversary! I've enjoyed reading your blog over the past two years (wow, I can't believe it's been that long!). I hope you're feeling more rested today.

phd me said...

I love that clock! I like clocks, not so much for the passing of time, but for the aesthetic of time.

And I love your warmth and sense of humor and ability to reach out to people in a very real way. (I'm realizing that ability is increasingly rare and valuable.) Who else would think of care boxes for random readers!

Maude Lebowski said...

what is that plush thing? It looks like a starfish-elephant. glorious!!

rpg said...

Please. I don't want to win. xx

T said...

Wow! I think the plush is a neuron! It's so cute!
I saw online that they are making plush photons, I want one so bad!

repressed librarian said...

Me, me, me. I want to win :-) I love clocks and have a lip gloss addiction too. And, hey, we have a section of our magazine called Tools of the Trade.

Jennifer Joy (UMC-Student) said...

I love your blog-- and I love your microbio plush toy-- is it the neuron?

post-doc said...

Aw... you're all wonderful. And, yes - it's a neuron.

Brigindo said...

Happy Blogoversary! I think you know just how much I adore reading your blog and how sad I get when you are away. I too think I look better with my hair down but up it goes when the serious thinking needs to get done. However I have a hard time driving without music in the car. I'm convinced music helps release that other side of me...the one that can function automatically. It helps with driving and anything physical.

Daybyday said...

Happy Blogoversary, Katie!

You are always so generous!
I think of you each time I'm driving with Wee One - the amazon gift card you sent me was used to purchase the monkey mirror that allows me to see her while she's in a rear facing car-seat. This means, I think of you often :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
As much as I love you and your blog, I would not like to win anything in the contest. However, I wanted to comment on your choice of water bottle - the stainless steel NWF water bottle is an excellent choice, whether it is used at work or (as is more often the case for me) for hiking. I've been using the same stainless steel bottle(s) for *years,* and they are pretty much indestructible, are lightweight, can carry everything that is liquid, and are NOT plastic (I shun plastic food containers, too). Kudos for spreading the word about alternative, non-plastic water bottles! And, of course, being raised on Ranger Rick magazines (among other wildlife magazines), kudos, too, for mentioning the NWF! Makes me love you and this blog even more! Belated happy blogiversary!


Anonymous said...

Well, actually, there is a *little* plastic in the seal for the stainless steel bottles, but they are still better to use than the plastic bottles.


Amelie said...

Happy Blogiversary! The neuron is too cool.

Peggi Wood said...

Katie ~
You are such a generous soul. Your concern and care in dealing with your co-worker's despair amidst your own feelings of being overwhelmed were touching.
The best to both of you.

Love and light ~

ScienceWoman said...

Happy Blogiversary! I feel like you've always been blogging, though, I can't believe I've been reading you for almost four years.

That's a perfect work care package. You've thought of everything a girl (or guy) could need for a long work day, except maybe some Advil for meeting-induced headaches or, um, other aches. It is so emblematic of your kind spirit. Somewhere a whole lot of good karma is accumulating for you.

AliceAcademic said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Jennifer Joy (UMC-Student) said...

Happy Blog-o-versary! Cheers! Here's to many more!

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