Sunday, October 25, 2009


I do not enjoy posting here lately. I still love many of you very, very much. So I don't get why I wrinkle my nose when I think of actually finishing a draft of something. As I attempt to power through, I offer you bullets.

  • I'm out of my favorite Lush product. It creates silky bubbles and a nice smell and I like to smoosh it between my fingers as it melts. So my bath last night was filled with splashes of regret since I don't have my little flowery bundles of goodness anymore.
  • I am excited about going back to work! I have missed it.
  • When I finally could think again, I dove into a presentation and spent two blissful hours reorganizing content and making new graphs and charts. I really do like my job.
  • I pondered why I adore apple juice and abhor apples. Decided it's that apples hurt my gums. They are too firm. Katie has spoken.
  • I do, however, enjoy pears. Is there such a thing as pear juice?
  • I talked to Mom about Smallest One today - something I've been meaning to do for some time. When told she dumped milk in yet another DVD player, Mom said she and Dad were both Very Frustrated with the toddler. When asked what she was doing wrong, I pounced on the opportunity to offer ideas.
  • I think, I said, that people have little motivation to be good when there's no positive reinforcement. And while we did little but tell Little One how wonderful, smart, beautiful and talented she is, Smallest One is far more likely to get attention by being bad. You should tell her when she's doing well. Pay attention to her when she's quiet. Reinforce that she's wonderful and funny, smart and adorable.
  • Sometimes you have to let her win. Win without arguments. In 2 days, I saw she often got what she wanted but you've trained her to fight for it. Nobody says yes on the first try - it's always a battle for the little darling.
  • We struggle with second children in my family. First ones (me!) are awesome (-ly neurotic) but second ones tend to be willful and troublesome. Advice for the adorable, wonderful Smallest One?
  • I like massages to hurt. I was a bit surprised when a completely effective massage didn't feel deep enough to really feel the muscles relax (more in fear of future agony than an actual desire to do so). Odd, yes?
  • I think the economic dip has offered some amazing spa deals of late. I got 2 massages for less than the normal cost of one. I can't totally afford it, but still. I like deals.
  • "This is ridiculous for one person!" a colleague said when he came to fetch DVDs of data yesterday. "The house?" I asked, confused. At his nod, I grinned and shrugged. "It's pretty," I defended my choice. But he's right - the place is too big for me.
  • I felt a little guilty about my excessive taste until I remembered the gas fireplace and whirlpool tub. Then I shrugged and remembered this was the only place the fit my criteria for a new home.


Lucy said...

Pear juice is fantastic, but hard to find. You could try Whole Foods or similar over-priced, organic-type places.

Anonymous said...

I adore Lush, which is your above mentioned favourite product?

Earnest English said...

Pear cider (the alcoholic kind) is terrific! I don't know if you're a drinker, but if so, it's worth a taste. YUM!

(Hey, why haven't I been over lately, I ask myself. My own idiocy, probably. I love your thoughtful blog!)

Anonymous said...

Pear juice IS yummy. You may also want to try white grape peach juice, if you haven't - I used to be addicted to that, but it was on the very sweet side (usually, when juices are too sweet, I end up cutting them in half with water - I even do that with apple juice).


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