Monday, January 14, 2008

In lieu of a finished post

It's been a long time since I've had several drafts open in Word and can't finish any of them enough to publish. It's frustrating. It's a good thing there are bullets.

  • Open Lab 2007 is for sale! One of my unfinished drafts covers why I think this book is so completely cool.
  • I have people who read my blog who offer comments that soothe my hurt feelings and emails that make me smile! Thank you.
  • Estrella sent me a book that arrived over the weekend! She recommended The Blue Castle and then sent me a copy! I was touched and delighted.
  • I am terrified of the American Gladiators. (Those men are seriously scary.) Friend believes this to be amusing.
  • Yet I'm watching it right now. Chienne is protecting me.
  • Friend and I watched My Fake Baby yesterday with open-mouthed amazement and exchanged horrified looks while we synced our laptops to play the YouTube clips.
  • I'm tired. I can't even finish a bullets post with anything good.


Anonymous said...

yay, and congrats for being featured in open lab!!

TitleTroubles said...

I don't merely believe it to be amusing. Having observed it more than once, I know for a fact that watching someone scream at Gladiators is just plain funny.

And my answer hasn't changed. Blink. Definitely.

post-doc said...

I'd forgotten that part of the story and it's too delightful to leave off the blog.

So My Fake Baby is about these dolls that are horrifyingly realistic. At one point - I think the in 5th of 5 of the YouTube clips - one woman goes to America to pick up her doll. It comes in a box (so Friend and I were befuddled as to why she had to travel to receive a shipped item.)

Anyway, the woman was talking about how her doll looked so real that it made you wonder what she would do next if she were real.

"Blink, probably," Friend said. I looked over before I started to laugh and laugh and she defended her choice by saying that - if it were a real baby - her eyes would be really dry.

It was fantastic.

Psycgirl said...

The Blue Castle is one of my favorite books! I hope you love it!

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